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Digital Media - Computational Intelligence

Welcome to the website of the Postgraduate Studies Program

Digital Media – Computational Intelligence

This is a challenging three semester taught master’s degree, covering all aspects of current and future digital media processing and analysis and associated technologies. It will prepare you for a diverse range of exciting careers – not only in the digital media and computational intelligence field, but also in areas such as medical informatics, finance, innovation, consultancy, project management, and government agencies.


  • Graduates of Informatics, Computer Engineering and Computer Science Departments in Greece
  • Graduates of Applied Science and Engineering Faculty Departments with strong background in Informatics/Computer Science
  • Graduates of equivalent and related Departments from abroad


Number of Approved Students

The number of approved students is set to thirty (30) postgraduate students per year. More


Great point average, relevance of the B.Sc. degree, and transcript, Success in personal interview, Language skills, Research/professional activity, Publications. More

Duration of the program

The postgraduate program requires successful completion of 8 courses in the first two semesters, evenly distributed between the semesters, as well as the completion of a thesis during the third semester for full-time studies. More


The total cost is 600€ per semester for full-time studies. More

Courses On the following page you can find all courses of the MSc "Digital Media - Computational Intelligence". Courses per semester


May 31

Lecture of Professor Petros Maragos

Αμφιθέατρο Ι του κτιρίου ΚΕΔΕΑ 14:00